Australian Sea Lion

Australian Sea LionThe Australian Sea Lion is found along the coast of South Australia and Western Australia. This Australian Sea Lion was photographed at the Seal Bay Conservation Park


This beach is in a national park, you need to go on a guided tour to get to the sea lions. This was taken not long before sunset, so the light is very nice. Of all the seals, the Australian Sea Lion has the least amount of blubber, 20% of body weight. That is one of the reasons why they can just come back on land and not have to continuously go to the water to cool down. They also like to cuddle together to keep warm in winter.

Australian Sea Lions are a very beautiful and sociable animal. Once they come on land, they sleep for three days. Then they go back to sea and stay out for three days to feed, back to land to sleep, …. This is one of the reasons the national parks ended up closing the beach. It is very important for the sea lions to get their rest when they are back on land so having a bunch of tourist disturbing them is not ideal. Having controlled access with a guide ensures that people don’t get too close and that we don’t bother the sea lions.

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