Cape Town

The first stop in Africa is a visit to Cape Town. Our good friend Stefan moved to South Africa last year and we managed to track him down and we have visited him.

Cape Town is a gorgeous city set in a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains with Tabletop Mountain the centre of attention. Stefan showed us around Cape Point, got to see the African Penguins, some baboons and plenty of catching up. It is a amazing setting at the tip of the African continent with the two oceans meeting.

We got taken to Hermanus where we totally enjoyed watching a number of southern right whales, four of them, playing in the shallow waters close to shore. From what we found out, they were likely to be juveniles practising some mating rituals that they will get to use later in life.

As all this was happening, a seal just pops its head up making a snack of what looked like an octopus, a classic 🙂

We were treated to some very nice weather in Cape Town, which is not usually the norm at this time of year so we certainly weren’t complaining.

The botanical gardens are also spectacular, right in town. We got treated to see the King Protea, wow, what a flower! We are a bit early for the flower display that the Cape puts on in Spring, so we will have to come back to see this.

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