Photography Update

I haven’t had a chance to process much photos from the trip so far, too busy taking them 😉 A couple of things I can report on is that the ScotteVest Travel Vest is so far performing extremely well. I haven’t had to load it up with lenses yet but it comfortably carries all my other little bits like passport, sunnies, ipod, mobile, money, tickets, pens, moleskin diary and more. It is a breeze at the airport to just take the vest off and put it through security, very convenient.

As to carrying the camera gear, just before leaving, I did receive my Kiboko bag from Gura Gear. It wears very well as a pack, great harness, holds all the camera gear and it fits in the overhead compartment of all planes so far. If there isn’t a proper overhead compartment, it fits nicely under the seat. Another nice thing about it is that it doesn’t look bulky. On game drives, it can just sit next to me and I can easily access everything quickly and easily.

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