Trusting of Strangers

Here we are at Lusaka airport in Zambia, looking for taxis, none to be seen. A nice man asks us if we were looking for a taxi, so he takes us to his car. Official taxis in Lusaka are painted a light blue so they are easy to recognise.

The taxi drivers have to park their taxis in the general parking lot as the government doesn’t allow taxis to be parked to the airport building, due to security concerns. His taxi is an official one and he quotes us a reasonable rate to take us to our hotel so all is good. We had been warned to stay away from non-blue taxies.

The driver, who is named Max, tells us about the city, a bit about himself and we also tell him that we will be coming to the airport the next day so we arrange to be picked up the next day.

Did you know that Zambia has 72 languages? English is the only official language but 72 languages! Max could speak five. I’m happy to speak two.

As we are about to pay him when he drops us at the hotel, he just tells us not to worry, “Pay me tomorrow for the lot”. How trusting is that? Sure we stand out in a crowd here and he knows where we are going in the morning but for him not to take the money today, that he well deserved, that is not something you find in too many so called developed countries.

Thanks Max, much appreciated.

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