Kaingo continued

We spend a total of 5 nights at Kaingo which means leopard in the local language. Each morning the day start at 6.30am with a drum roll, a good cup of coffee and freshly backed cookies before heading out on the morning game drive. The colours are beautiful at this time of the morning, the animals are active and the birds are out in force.

The area is a birders paradise, we see and hear beautiful fish eagles, the stunning lilac breasted roller, franklins, wax bills, horn bills and so the list goes on. Derek has built an amazing hide right over a big hippo pool in the bend of the river. We have the opportunity to sit there at eye level with the hippos, unseen just observing their jostling for the best position in the river, the nurseries of youngsters minded by the nanny Mum and the not infrequent young bull territorial tusk fight-simply amazing!!

There is a lot of game in this part of the park and what is best is that it seems we are with one of a very few operators here so we hardly see anyone else. On one of the afternoon drives we come across a group of three lionesses one is the Mum of three cubs who put on this amazing playful performance for as we sit 3m away totally absorbed.

Each day brings a new amazing adventure, one morning after breakfast 4 elephants stroll into camp enticed by the fruit of the ebony trees which is falling around the huts and central boma. We have to let the Mum with the two youngsters and and young bull have their fill before we can get back to our huts.

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