Mwamba bush camp

The next 5 nights are spent at the Shenton bush camp. This camp has only 3 huts but only two other guests are there while Andre and I visit. This is where our hut made of straw sits under a sausage tree with the roof just opening out to the southern sky with mesh sky-lights. The bathroom is out-side as is the toilet, this gets interesting later in our stay.

Mwamba is an amazing place, more ebony trees in fruit and daily visits from Tom and Jerry two large elephant bulls keep things interesting.

Sausage fruit is quite amazing, it hangs out of the tree on long thin branches and can weigh up to 6kg. It is liked by a number of herbivores once it is ripe. One night after an evening game drive we come to our hut in the dark, getting ready fro dinner. We hear this regular scrunching noise right out-side but can’t see what is making it because of the thick foliage. I assume it must be a zebra or hippo at worst and make the comment to Andre ” Well at least it is a herbivore!”

When the guide comes to get us for dinner I mention our discovery, so he steps in front of our hut to investigate. Next minute we hear this massive thump and Josh with a “shittttt it’s a leopard” which just jumped out of the tree and landed next to him! He took a few minutes standing in our hut to regain his composure.

Turns out the leopard had killed a bush-buck and dragged it up our tree, the noise we were hearing was what leopard teeth make cutting through the fur of the animal. Later that night we were intimate participants of the trumpeting of Tom and Jerry who were not happy with the hyena out-side our hut wanting to steal the leopard kill from the tree. Eventually the leopard came back and the night was finished off by munching noises as the bush buck was consumed in our tree. Needless to say we held onto our bladders that night!!!

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