Mwamba continued

While staying at Mwamba we had the privilege of sharing our guides Meyham’s knowledge. He is a young Zambian local guide who initially was employed by the research team studying the Tse Tse fly a few years ago. He showed such passion and love of the bush that the scientist at the end of the project bought him books on the local wildlife. It has allowed Meyham to get a job in the tourism industry and allows people like us to share his knowledge.

We ended up going on two walking safaris while at Mwamba with the local parks guide Gideon and Meyham. It was incredible, we got given a 20 min discussion on the dung beetle and its habits which kept us enthralled. We were tracking for lions and came across a herd of Cookson wilderbeast.

In the end we did find the lions, a pride of 6 females and 1 male which we walked around at 50m. They were quite relaxed, probably much more than we were:)  

It had been such a great experience that we chose to do another morning walking safari with Meyham and Gideon. This time a male leopard darted out of a tree as we approached, we started tracking him a bit closer to discover in fact that this was one of a mating pair. The female had just killed an impala and had dragged it up a tree. She was surrounded at the bottom of the tree by three lionesses who were trying to steal the kill off her. Our arrival moved the lions off and allowed the female leopard to scramble safely out of the tree.

Later that evening we came back by car to the same place and witnessed more lions and finally the female leopard relaxed lying on a branch next to her dinner.

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