Shenton Safari-camp Kaingo

After a ride back to the airport with our friendly cab driver Max, who was right on time we flew out to Mfuwe, an hour flight to the South Luangwa National park.

The small town of Mfuwe has undergone quite the boom due to the growing tourism in the region, they are also home to the Tribal Textiles artistry which employs a lot of local talent producing beautiful hand painted textiles which include wall hangings, table clothes, handbags and jewellery, all made on the premises.

The Luangwa river is a massive force through the rainy season which is from the end of October till April. In 2007 there was massive flooding which affected a lot of the ground dwelling animals that are only now starting to come back.

Our first encounter in a big pool filled with hippos, both the pool and the hippos covered in what is called cabbage plants. This covers the heads and backs of the hippos who look like they are wearing green hats, very cute. The hippo is Mariola’s favourite animal and she often joins in with their honking sound:)

When we arrive at the camp we get allocated one of the six huts, ours is the honeymoon suite, right at the end with it’s own bath tub out-doors. We have cute resident frogs in the bathroom and as we are right on the rivers edge we have a constant hippo concert coming through the window. One of the Mum hippos has taken residence below our hut with an 8 week old youngster, very cute.

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