Caprivi Delta

Our group gets divided into 4 teams of 3 with one of 2. All teams have to have a member that is able to drive the Land Rovers which are used for all the research activities once we get over the delta boat crossing and back on firm land. This is where all the villages are and the community work is done and where our vehicle game count will be done and the animal captures.

We meet Francois who does the animal side of the project and Julia who is running the community side of the project. At camp we have the help of Viola, Moses and Simon from the local community in camp chores, Ronel and Francois Senior who are Francois’s parents running the camp behind the scenes. Peter is the expedition leader and the Biosphere representative. We get our reed hut allocated and off for briefing on the project.

We are trying to get statistics on the predators in the area which include lion, leopard.hyena,cheetah and wild dog. From last year it has become apparent that the majority of the stock (cattle and goats) is being lost to hyena attacks, so this year we are going to try and collar a few to study their movement across the two national parks and the intervening conservancies.

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