Caprivi Delta project

At the Chrismar Hotel in Livingstone we get to fight with the start of the mozzies. We were pleasantly surprised in South Luangwa where we thought there would be lots. We have brought 3 big rolls of Rid double strength with us but have not had a need to test it against the malaria bearing insects so far.

We meet some of our expedition members at the Chrismar. We have no luck in finding someone who can deal with our forward reservation, so we will have one more night here on our return.

Our team is a total of 11, one person has pulled out in the last days due to a concern about the focus of the project shifting to hyena. We have 2 French, 4 English, 2 German, 1 American and 2 Aussies-us.

This year there has been an incredible amount of rain in the rainy season which was from October till April and now 5 months later all the flow on effect is reaching the Caprivi Delta from Angola. This has meant that the road from last year to the research station is well under water and a new access route has been established. The first 1.8km is by a small boat fashioned from two canoe hulls joined together to form a platform. The outboard motor provides many additional adventures during our two week stay. As the load on the boat is limited it takes four trips to get us to the Unimog “The Beast” with all our gear and supplies for 2 weeks. The Beast is the fond name given to the vehicle that transports us the last 5.6km to the research station through creek crossings ad very rugged terrain. Bad backs brace!!!

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