Last days at Mwamba

Our last night at the Mwamba was filled with excitement as Tom and Jerry were quite boisterous and keen on an ebony fruit feed. The staff had fun keeping them out of the dining boma which is basically a table set under the ebony trees where we have our meals. As much as I love the elies having a 35 year old bull within 3m of your dining table table is a bit close for comfort.

In the end they gave us the time to finish dinner and came back latter in the evening to finish their supper. As I woke up to the sound of footsteps out-side our straw hut at 2am I woke up Andre to let him share the experience. “Elephants ” said I, ” No” says Andre its just the staff moving around the camp. Then we heard the plop plop, the distinctive sound off elephant having a pooh! Next morning the evidence was right there. It is actually incredible how soft footed an elephant is for its size.

On our last day in the South Luangwa we stopped in at Tribal Textiles. We purchased some wonderful covers and that helps to support the local artisans.

At the airport Andre has a stress-full moment as for the first time they don’t want to let us take on his camera equipment as hand luggage. We furiously load the trusty Scottie vest with lenses to minimize what will have to get checked in. In the end I managed to distract the steward on boarding the plane and Andre gets his bag on board, we re-load the lenses back into the Kiboko bag. Even full, the bag still fits under the seat.

As we leave the pilot announces a slight change in flight route as we need to go in the opposite direction to Livingstone and pick up a couple of extra passengers. Ah well that is the flexibility of a small air-line, only 1 hour delay on our arrival time!

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