Arriving in the Yukon

After a 44 hour trip from Livingstone to Whitehorse via Joburg, Frankfurt and Vancouver we arrive in Whitehorse at the end of a Sunday. All we can think of is a long, long, long shower and a comfy sleep. “The Gold Rush inn” obliges with both and we basically do not wake up from 9pm to 8am the following morning. We are not sure whether it is the extreme length of the journey or our amazing constitution ( ha, ha !), but we end up suffering no jet lag even though there is a significant time change.

First thing we have to do is a “Timmy” fix. This is a Canadian tradition with “Tim Horton” a donut place specific to Canada started up by a famous hockey player years ago. They make donuts and Tim Bits which is a mini donuts made out of the centre of the regular donut. Its yummy and doesn’t quite feel as bad as eating the whole thing. Whitehorse is a very neat town, It is positioned on the Yukon river which runs the length of the province north and empties into the Bering Sea.

The information office is massive , we stock up on lots of information and pick up our van from Canadream which will be home for the next 13 days. Its a great set up , I fit with some head room, lots of storage space ,a toilet and shower , and nice spot to change the couch into the bed at night. We buy supplies including a huge punet of blueberries (500g) for $4.98 and some strawberries. The local supermarket is well stocked so we even get to buy nice organic raspberry jam and peanut butter for those moments of sweet craving. Of course we stock up with a nice pancake mix and maple syrup. After some browsing through town we head off north along te Klondike highway. Our first stop Takhini Hot Springs. We get a wooded site for our van, start seeing the cheeky squirrels stashing their loot for winter. A bonus is the natural hot springs that we soak in before dinner. There are two pools one with a temp of 35C and next to it 42C. It does wonders for my sore back. First breakfast blueberry pancakes, maple syrup and yummy coffee made by André the barrista!

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