A bit of adventure

We get a very friendly team on the border with Alaska and get a nice cariboo stamp on our visa. We are now on another segment of dirt highway to get down from the “top of the world”. Its the beginning of a long week-end in North America and we come across an enormous number of ATV’s ( all terrain vehicles). These are the hunters they drive on their noisy vehicles spotting out the wildlife with bino’s from the road and then can charge up the hills to get the unsuspecting beast. This includes bears and moose the hunting season has begun. You might be reading between the lines that we have a less then generous opinion of this approach to hunting and I get more and more frustrated as we go and see lots of them.

André suddenly starts noticing a spongy feeling to the van and we stop to see that the back tyre is badly blown. We are in the middle of no-where and there is no manual how to change a tyre on the van or even how to access the spare. The road is very muddy as its been raining, after awhile a young Alaskan pulls up and asks if we need help. This is Alaska so everybody drives a pick-up at least, so he knows how to get to te secret lever that lowers the spare wheel. I choke the front tyre ( having learnt this on our Biosphere trip). Our hero helps to change the tyre and gets quite muddy in the process. He was on his way to Chicken the next town to get some apple pie for dinner. He is camping with friends who are hunting- of course I can’t help myself and share a comment about the hunting process. To our surprise he agrees and says he’s not much into hunting ” I figure if your hungry just go to the supermarket”.

We thank him again and he leaves us with a parting comment: ” Well I would hope someone would do the same for my parents” -he is about mid 30’s. We grin this trip is obviously taking its toll on our youthful looks!

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