Dawson City

We spend a few amazing days in Tombstone where we also see a Mum moose with two teenagers and an early herd of cariboo coming in for a graze on the permafrost lichen. We also get to see an arctic fox and hare both beginning to change from feet up into their winter white coats. It looks quite cute. We continue on to Dawson City. It has been kept quite historic with a number of the old buildings now serving as stores but still carrying a plaque describing the previous ancestry.

We get a nice RV park with power, hot showers and Wi-Fi so we can catch up a little bit with news and e-mails. They are in the process of paving the first road ever in town, which actually is the main street through town, all the other roads are dirt with wooden side walks.

At night we catch a show at Diamond Tooth Gerdies, which is the gambling hall. As the well choreographed dancers kick out their can-can and other revealing routines we watch as patrons are encouraged to drink and play poker not noticing too much their losses.

We leave a couple of days later having witnessed the annual out-house races. This entails a rickshaw like contraption dressed with inventive ideas to do with poohing. The course is a 2km circuit through town. One team is actually from Australia with every Australian icon attached to their dunnee. Not sure about the fair play rules in the race as the Australian team just before the gun lets down the air in the hospital team’s vehicle!

We are on our way to Alaska across the Top of the World Highway. We pick another gorgeous day and get spoilt by the most amazing colours traversing the sub-alpine hills that the road goes through. Although not a long distance probably 160km it takes us ages because of all the photo stops.


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