Quadra Island

This is a quite a large island with its own vehicle ferry service. It means that you can live here and not own a boat as the ferry runs every hour from quite early till 10pm.

We stay one more night on the island and enjoy some hiking before we leave. This is a pace of life one could get used to. André just looks at me and shakes his head. We decide to make our way along the scenic coastal route back on the east coast of Vancouver Island and then traverse in the middle to a place called Tofino on the west coast.

We are shocked by the number of people around, it is a surfing mecca for Canada and lots of surfers are about. This is also very popular for whale watching trips and black bear viewing. We find some very groovy eateries including a bakery that we frequent a lot as they also make a very good latte.

One of the nights we find a restaurant that serves duck confit pizza with locally made blue vein cheese and walnuts. it is simply divine!

We do lots of walking through the pacific rim rainforest which still has some incredible trees. Some of the cedars are over 1000 years old. In the 80’s they had quite a lot of protests here to stop logging these giants out and have been successful in making it a reserve.

On our last day we seriously underestimate how long the drive through the mountains will take back to Victoria, so most of the way we are hanging onto the edge of our seats as we get pulled up at multiple road-works and a multitude of traffic lights that seem to be synchronised on red. We do make it and get to catch up with some old friends in Vancouver.

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