Sea-kayaking Johnson Strait

We move into our new home and get a briefing on the bear safety at camp. Make lots of noise as you go to the loo and at night go in pairs.

We head out for an afternoon paddle. André and I get a double. My back is not 100% happy with getting into the kayak but continues to behave.

As we paddle out to the next island in a northerly direction the wind starts picking up and the waves start changing into short runs of white caps. Paddling feels easy but we are going with the wind. When we get to the next island our guide decides that it is getting too rough and we need to paddle back. By now the wind is blowing some 25 knots and water rushes over the front of the kayak we try to keep some momentum and a full frontal bearing on the waves. We are paddling hard but I notice we are making no progress. One of the single kayaks is having trouble keeping up so we are asked to wait for them to catch up. This is not a good idea as we very quickly start being pushed back with the wind away from home. The slower person needs to be towed by the guide and everyone else paddles as hard as they can to get back.

All is well, we get back to camp and a black bear is spotted over on the next beach, by the time I get there he is gone but later he pops up on the beach where the kayaks are and I can get a little bear fix.

Next morning is a beautiful day, we pack snacks and lunch and head out in search of creatures. A sea lion follows our course popping up checking on our root. There amazing star fish here with quite bright colours. The camera casing for the G10 comes in handy and we get some nice pictures of the sunflower star fish. On the way back the wind is picking up again but this time it is with us on the way back so progress is easy.

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