Granville Island

It is time for both of us to get a bit trimmed up and descruffed. André chooses the $15 barber option and I check out the local trendy BT Shears salon. We end up both happy although at significantly opposed cost scales!

We then make our way to Granville Island which is always a mecca for us when we visit Vancouver. It is small island separated by a bridge from Downtown Vancouver and is filled with markets and galleries and lots of yummy things to have. We spend most of the day there walking around to justify each next sampling course.

We buy a slab of beautiful wild red sockeye salmon and I manage to offend the vendor when I double check that “this salmon is wild and not farmed” . “We don’t sell anything but wild here Madame!!!!!! “

This with fresh new potatoes and local delicious raspberries and blueberries with whipped cream makes for dinner with our friends. Thanks to Calvin’s great fish expertise the flavour of the salmon is enhanced by a beautiful garnish of sun-dried tomato, lot’s of garlic and olives-yummy. We polish off the whole kilo of salmon fillet.

We leave early the next morning on our flight to Prince Rupert which is carrying a weather prediction for the next week of rain, rain, rain, rain you might be getting the picture.

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