Prince Rupert

This is a small but very important community which was built to give the interior logging access to the coast. It is also a bit of a tourist destination because of Alaskan cruise ships stopping in.

We land buffetted by 35 to 40 knots winds and take the car ferry from the airport in crashing waves. Its not very far but makes for an interesting ride. We all get dropped off in the foyer of the big hotel in town and need to make our way to our B&B. The thing that becomes imperative to buy is a pair of gum-boots. This is a hot item in Prince Rupert, even the supermarket  carries them here and there is a shop that is exclusively dedicated to rain gear, Rain Slickers. That says a lot about the number of sunny days here a year. The rain-gear shop has a pair of amazing non-rubber but PVC boots so light you don’t know you are wearing them. Normal price $120, we both choke on the price but after some good Aussie haggling we get down to $55 a pair including tax and we are set. They end up serving us extremely well over the next 8 days.

Prince Rupert has a fantastic First Nation historical Museum and of course a Tim Hortons so a small dose of Tim Bits is had. We get a full days photography tuition from Brad and I learn a lot about ISO, aperture and f stops. I am inspired to make my little point and shoot Canon G10 excel and start shooting in raw format.

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