Family visit

The adventure side of the trip is now at an end and we look forward to catching up with all the family.

First leg takes us to Ottawa where we fill up on Tim Bits (the middle section of a donut), cinnabon which is a freshly backed , dripping with yummy cinnamon filling. I am sure we support the Canadian economy with our eating exploits. The last favourite thing is cheese curds this is something that you can only get here, fresh squeeky whey product left over from making cheese. YUMMY!!!

The house we have rented in Calabogie turns out to be perfect, we fit all the relatives and its a joint effort at getting through all the food that has been prepared. Andre’s Mum has been baking for weeks , so between the Thanksgiving turkey and all the pies, the pat au cauchon, and ragout we do not run on empty.

We get to recelebrate Andre’s birthday and the autumn colours are just perfect. There is a ski hill here and we are able to take a chair lift up with all the kids to check out the lake and colours. It is really beautiful. We also managed to introduce the family to farkle that made for a lot of fun.

Then a visit with friends that have restored a 1906 cedar log cabin of their grandfathers. It hs been a labour of love but a beautiful result. We enjoy some great home baked dinners and pies and keep on loosening our belts. Last day with the family in Ottawa and then a very early flight brings us to steamy Florida. The last couple of days in Canada we were scrapping ice off the windscreen and here its a balmy 32C!!

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  1. Gripping adventures for A and M
    Looking forward to your return and the travel guide you will produce from such fine prose
    Marky and Tezza

  2. Andre and Mariola, We were so happy that you came to visit us in Florida, just wished we had more time together. Megan and Eric were thrilled to meet their Aunt Mariola and see Andre again. Megan was crying on the way home missing you both already! Merci for a wonderful time and wonderful stories and amazing photograhs from all your adventures! Lucie

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