Visiting Andre’s Dad in Florida and catching up with the rest of the family has been a lot of fun. We get to see how much the construction industry has been affected by the economical down turn and how much unemployment this has resulted in. People are very nervous about their jobs and the unemployment has soared. Housing prices are a fraction of what they were and it takes a rapidly responsive company to manage its assets in these times.

There are some good real estate bargains to be had! The season is starting for this neck of the woods. We have some great times with the family and we sample a truely awesome set of BBQ ribs, melt in your mouth. Everything in Florida is on a big scale and somehow, every building looks like its just been built.

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  1. We miss you already…visit was too short. We are so glad you enjoyed the ribs! Love you both and miss you! Lucie and the rest of my gang

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