Las Vegas

Well …. only one word can describe this huge! Everything here is done on a huge scale the hotels are massive, the fit outs are extreme, the neon lights are blinding, the excess is excessive and the gambling must be legendary. I wonder how much green gases could be saved if Vegas participated in Earth Hour!!!

There apparently has been a down turn here as well although it is hard to notice. Our hotel is brand new and is fitted with state of the art technology including weight detectors in the fridge so that if you lift any of the fridge contents for more than 60secs a scale automatically registers a purchase to your room.

The streets are packed with people and all seem to be having a great time. We quickly learn not to have breakfast at the hotel when a cup of coffee and a bowl of muesli sets us back $50US. You get charged for anything that moves and some things that don’t including putting a water bottle in the fridge as it confuses the weighing system I think? The one thing that is free which is initially surprising, is parking in the hotel, until we realize that they do want to encourage patrons to come and visit the casino. We are in good company as Jamie Packer is staying in our hotel.

On the other hand the choice of shows is pheonominal . We buy tickets to “O” a Cirque du Soleil performance and its grandeur and skill of the performers is awe inspiring. We also get to catch up with Kate who has flown in to celebrate a significant birthday. Its all good fun.

Last days now as we gear up to fly home in a couple of days. See you all back home, it has been a life changing trip with exceptional people and wonderful experiences.

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