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Here is a new banner served up on the blog. This is Two Moose Lake in the Yukon, Canada. Two Moose Lake is located in Tombstone Territorial Park. This section of the park is along the Dempster Highway that leads to Inuvik. Two Moose Lake is in the Blackstone Uplands and you are in the tundra in this section of the park. This is the most southern area of North America where you can experience the tundra environment.

We were fortunate to be in the park right at the peak of autumn colours. The tundra and the mountains were covered in bright reds, yellows and oranges. It is a amazing sight to see.

There wasn’t much wildlife when we were there. We saw a small herd of caribous, only eight of them, in the far distance. The Porcupine Caribou herd can number up to 150,000 animals. The herd tends to be in this area in the winter time, so a bit early for us.

Early September was a perfect time to visit. The park was at its prime in terms of autumn colours, temperature still wasn’t too cold – ie 12-14C in the day, close to freezing at night and best of all, there weren’t many bitting insects 🙂

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