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The Next Adventure

On the road again, and no I’m not going to visit Willie Nelson 😉 This time, we are off to South America, specifically Argentinian Patagonia. We have someone moving to our place to look after the dogs. We drove to Sydney and boarded a Qantas flight for Buenos Aires. I hadn’t flow Qantas internationally for a lot of years. I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth checkin, loading of the airplane, a 747 in this case and the in-flight service.

It is a long flight to Buenos Aires as we skirt the edge of Antarctica. Mariola has brushed up on her Spanish and I’m very impressed by her progress so far. I remember a bit of my high school Spanish and a bit of a refresher course a couple of years ago.

I’ll attempt to keep the blog updated as we go but there may be some quiet days along the way as there are places where we won’t be able to get Internet access.